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Ann Arbor United Soccer Club


Overall Philosophy

We strive to create an environment in which the players are provided the necessary instruction for them to effectively develop both individual and team skills. While the practice sessions are structured, and the games are approached with a seriousness of purpose, we make every effort to ensure that the soccer experience is an enjoyable one for both players and parents.  Most of the leagues in which we play are competitive with championships, promotions and relegations.  Accordingly, we strive to field a team that will compete effectively and be successful.  At the same time, we do recognize that the aspect of winning can be overstressed and certainly do not condone the attitude of winning at any price. more...

Concussion Information and Protection

What is a concussion?                                                                                          

A concussion is a brain injury or trauma caused by a hit or blow to the head.  Concussions can range from mild to severe and can occur even if the athlete doesn't lose consciousness.  If untreated, concussions in youth athletes can change the way their brain works and can lead to long-term developmental problems including permanent brain damage. 

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Spectator Behavior

Referees are a critical part of sports. Without them, the game simply couldn’t happen! It wouldn’t start, it wouldn’t be fair, athletes wouldn’t be protected, and no one would validate the outcome and the score.  Respecting Officials

WSSL Policy on Spectator Behavior


Savor Good Things

Coaching from the sidelines

Five mistakes soccer parents make with their players