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Ann Arbor United Soccer Club


Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest - the brave may fall, but never yield.  We may lose the game, but will not quit trying to win. 

Ann Arbor United was formed for adult soccer players in 1983. The men’s team won championships in the following leagues: Michigan Soccer League, Great Lakes Men's Soccer League, Michigan-Ontario Soccer League and Southeast Michigan Premier Soccer League and has represented the State of Michigan in national tournaments. The women’s team won titles in the Great Lakes Women's Soccer League and represented the state in regional tournaments. 

Ann Arbor United Soccer Club has promoted the growth of adult and youth soccer throughout the Ann Arbor area. This active and dynamic organization remains committed to its founding principles: to teach the game of soccer; to help each player reach his or her highest potential; to build a better community through the active involvement of our teams, coaches and athletes. 

Our successful men's team brought requests from HS coaches to offer clinics for their players and many just came to our practice to observe and follow our training routine.  We did individual training helping many excel on their HS teams.  Then in 2000, we started with the youth division of the club and continue to support teams of all ages with both genders at the Premier, Select and Recreation levels. Our Youth academy was created to prepare young players for the travel game.

Many players and coaches have shared and continue to share key roles in the success of the middle, high school and college programs.  Our teams have also been competing in the top divisions of the respective leagues and tournaments while earning state and national recognition.